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Transmission Service

It is a know fact among car and truck owners that the transmission is often times neglected, but just like your engine; transmissions due in fact require routine maintenance. 80% of transmissions fail due to negligence or poor maintenance. We offer transmission tune ups where some or all of the following procedures are performed : Transmission fluid flush, transmission fluid change, computer diagnostic, transmission pressure test, pan gasket replacement, fluid filter replacement, valve body inspection, external lubrication, level fluid. In order to maintain your transmission healthy, a transmission should be serviced every 20k to 30k miles. However, if your transmission has well over 30k miles between service, it may be in your best interest to avoid transmission tune ups. Some transmissions are known to fail if a fluid flush is performed way past its due date, that is why its so important to keep up to date with your transmission service schedule. Ask about our transmission service and we'll determine if this is a good option for your car or truck.

Transmission Service:

  • Fluid Drain
  • Fluid flush
  • Replace filter
  • Refill with new fluid
  • Pressure test
  • Scanner Diagnostic
  • Test Drive

Healthy transmission fluid is
clean & red in color.

Burned transmission fluid means its time for a rebuild.

Burned transmission fluid is a dark or brown color.